24 January 2009

Inchies !

I saw on the Creating Keepsakes website in "More on January Tips and Tricks, it showed Shari Caroll's Inchies, where she created an alphabet on 1" squares using left over scraps. I liked that a lot and thought MAYBE, why not try it digitally. So I did. Here is what I did and if you would like them you can download them by clicking on the image.

I hope you like them and can use them !

21 January 2009

New Layout

Collin and Livi have a Rock Band set that hooks up to the TV. It has a guitar, drums, and a mic and when running there is a .. ohhh.. road map if you will, of the drum or strings you have to use to match the music that is playing. There are various levels difficulty and it is a really neat thing. Sooo... I saw the pictures Seth had taken of the kids playing with it stored on Facebook so I downloaded them and started scrapping them last night. I am done with one page and working on the other. So here is the one. LOL I think if you click on the picture you can see a larger image of it.

20 January 2009

Another Kit !!

Free Plopper! Click on the plopper image to download.

Isn't digital scrapping great? I love it. I can use one kit with embellishments over and over and mix and match and don't have to go buy more embellishments and papers. WOOOO!! If I want it in another color, I can change the color. I love it. LOL

This is a wonderful title for a kit... Blue Tan Kit. Original, yes? LOL While I was changing the .ufo files to .png so I could share it with people who don't us PhotoImpact, I added a few more things to the kit. I hope you like it.

19 January 2009

Jumper Player

My granddaughter in her favorite pink outfit on New Year's Eve singing "I'm a Jumper Player" or something like that. LOL The video is a little dark, but it's adorable, of course. LOL

15 January 2009

Metal and Lace Scrap Kit

I hope you all like this kit. I wanted something I didn't yet have and this was just turning out the way I wanted it... contrasting between the lace and the metal. It isn't real HEAVY metal.. LOL

Be sure to click on the Return to Page button so you can get your kit !!

And here is a free plopper made with the kit. Just click on the picture to download.

06 January 2009

Summer Primary Digital Scrap Kit

Here's a bright, cheery digital page kit, Summer Primary Colors. I made this kit with my grandkids in mind. LOL Hope you like it ! OH! The cost? Free! Just click on the image to download the kit and plopper.

Here's a preview of the plopper.

05 January 2009


I have no clue what I am doing here yet. What I would like to do is show my digital scrap kits and sell some and give away some goodies, as well. I know there are TONS of digital scrappers out there doing the same thing. LOL

I also make greeting cards, by hand and digital and combination. That might be neat to show those and sell, too! yeah!

I had thought, too, I'd like to put a side page or create and link to another blog about ramblings and occasional observations made by a silver-haired blonde. I was always quite observant when I was young, or at least I thought I was. Not so observant any more. LOL

Mayhaps I will post a poem or song, as well. Maybe not. Time will tell. Family pictures. So many possibilities so little organization.