26 October 2011

Free Quick Page

I made a quick page to share with you if you would like it. I do have the full kit, also, for sale at the shop.

Click on the image to download the .png file and click     here     to for a trip to the store if you would like to purchase the kit. Don't forget to browse around the site to find more goodies!! 
Think... Christmas shopping!! Your friends might love to get some digital scrapbook kits!! Yeah!!  

Hey, now there's an idea... I need to do some more shopping.

06 October 2011

Rags or Riches

I was playing around and made some stuff in cardboard. I liked it.  You think of cardboard as... cheap, play with stuff. But this was looking pretty, rich, elegant. Then I thought...ahhh.. Rags or Riches. I've always loved cardboard! I used to make cardboard houses when I was a kid, windows, doors, curtains, pictures on the walls. heheheh... I still make cardboard houses for the cats sometimes. Growing older is mandatory, growing up is not. :)

Here's the link to the store to purchase. Look for Rags or Riches. Be sure to browse around, there are LOTS of goodies in the store!

Hope you enjoy the kit!