10 March 2009

Freebie Quick Page

It has just been gorgeous outside. Today is no different, just cloudy, not hot, not real windy, in the 70s. Perfect weather. I don't ask for much. LOL

I've been moving my scrap room from out in the shop back inside the house from whence it began. I had more room out in the shop, I had it decorated and painted up nicely, but it's... OUT THERE, not here in the house. I was going to put a little craft and gift shop out there and then it got to where I would put my craft room out there, too, and I was excited about it. The little store never made it but my craft room out there did. It got HOT out there in the summer and Mom got me a little window air conditioner, but it's just a little too small to cool it off much. There is no heat in it so we put our two "oil radiator" electric heaters out there for winter, which, thankfully, doesn't get near so bad or long as northern Illinois winters, to help heat the place. I left them on, at a lower setting, so things wouldn't freeze and for one month it was around $200, so I turned them off. And it just wasn't IN the HOUSE. It would get darned lonely out there! LOL My little craft room is beginning to take shape again. I won't have my computer and desk in there this time, that was just toooooooo big for that little room, 8 1/2 x 10 feet. Desk seemed to take up about a fourth of that. LOL

ANYway... all that has nothing to do with this quick page/plopper. LOL I just had to type some. :) Isn't the internet a great thing?

Here's the quick page for you. Just click on the preview image to download the page. It's an 8 1/2 x 11 page in 300 dpi. I hope you like it and can use it !