17 April 2009

Overlay Day!

I've been working on the living room.. ok... family room if you will. And it's getting there now. It has gone from masking-tape-color walls to a deep burnt orange color and painted the popcorn (ugh) ceiling orange sherbert. It doesn't look that bad. LOL Sounds bad, though. It is quite a change. The whole house, when we moved in, was the color of masking tape. And I know what the color was because when I was painting the guest bedroom green, I taped off the corner of a wall so as not to get that wall that color of green, and I couldn't find the masking tape on there. It hadn't fallen down, it was still there, just couldn't see it, that's how well it blended into the wall color.

Today I was outside pulling and digging out granddaddy grass (see post of Exercise in Futility in the "Rambles" link located at the top of this page) WHEW! I'm done with that for the day!

I have a couple of overlays I made to share with you today! The grunge overlay is 500 pixels and can be stretched to your page size and played with as you will. The ballet is a smaller one, too, and it can be stretched to larger for background. It will blur some if you do, but for background I don't think that's too bad a deal. LOL

Click on the images to download the files. They are in .png format. I hope you like them and you can use them freely.

06 April 2009


I'm playing with making overlays. Some turn out ok, some turn out better, some... well, lets just say some we won't even mention. LOL

This one I think turned out pretty decently, at least I like it, and I thought I would share it with you. Hope you can use it! : ) Click on the image to download the free overlay.